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DFMG – Sydney’s most trusted Defit specialists!

That new retail, commercial, or office space is all yours, and your lease has ended at the old one. The previous location now needs to be stripped back to its original state, and your current place of business is going to need a thorough overhaul and renovation before it can start working for you.

The importance of a quality, timely and professional defit cannot be understated. With bonds and even at times personal guarantees on the line, it is important that you partner with a quality provider to ensure you are covered.

Whether you’re fitting out or de-fitting, demolishing, or making good, DFMG offer you an ideal balance with our extensive range of commercial, residential and industrial property services and our professional maintenance options.


What Is A Make-Good?

A ‘make-good’ is the process of fulfilling that clause in your lease agreement by returning a property to its original state when the lease ends.

From understanding the full requirements of the make-good clause, addressing compliance issues and completing condition reports to the actual task of ‘defitting’ or stripping out all the flooring, fittings, partitions, joinery, and everything else your business installed in the space is demanding, time-consuming and can be very stressful for you.

Without the help of professionals, this is an expensive, extensive and problematic project. Choosing a highly experienced and specialist service team to get the job done for you means your shop defit or office make-good becomes a safe, smooth, and streamlined experience.